About Us

About Bravaya Homes

Bravaya Homes, previously known as Superstar Homes, has been building and creating communities around Metro Vancouver since 2008. The company specializes in single family homes, multi-family projects and land subdivision.

As registered members of Pacific Home Warranty and B.C. Housing, President Kevin Johal and Senior Advisor Tarsam Johal have a strong history of delivering high quality developments. Collectively, the pair has close to 60 years of building experience and they're known to offer excellent customer service with unbeatable expertise.

Kevin Johal- President

With more than a decade of experience in the real estate and construction industry, Kevin Johal has developed a passion for watching a project come to life and seeing it through from start to finish. Kevin recalls, at a young age, being eager to further understand the home building process. That desire led him to follow his father to the job site day after day, attend city hall meetings and do weekend cleanups -- paying his dues before eventually taking on a full-time training role. It was then that Kevin learned the details and intricacies of the construction industry. Now, as president of Bravaya Homes, Kevin is a leader in the business, consistently building projects that stand out from the rest.

Tarsam "Sam" Johal- Senior Advisor

Bravaya Homes' Senior Advisor, Tarsam "Sam" Johal has spent nearly 45 years in the construction industry. In 1975 Sam began his career apprenticing with a European builder – through this process he was able to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to eventually branch out on his own. To date, Sam has built dozens of residential developments, along with commercial building projects.

Sam has a remarkable ability to troubleshoot and has been called upon by others in the industry to rectify errors and navigate city inspections. His breadth of knowledge and experience is now a rare combination in the business. Throughout the years, Sam has built long-standing relationships with city inspectors and decision makers in municipalities across the region.